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Sekai Founders dream team
November 2021
Paris, France

Making our dream possible - fundraising

Sekai is created in Paris, France, by 4 'die-hard' Anime fans coming from 4 different continents.

The dream? 
Getting one of the biggest manga & anime IP to create new experiences for the fans outside of Japan.

Negotiations (and challenges) start.

Money raised to date: €4M
People: 5
Sekai Team
March 2022
Paris, France
Yellow cloud

Assembling the team

A mobile app team is recruited with artists, designers and programers having worked on world-renown AAA titles.

Money raised to date: €5M
People: 14
Sekai offices in Tokyo
August 2022
Tokyo, Japan
White cloud

The source of animes - going to Japan

A subsidiary is created and offices opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Challenges accumulate with both the Anime IP owners (TV broadcaster and animation studio) and the manga publisher (owning the original work rights). We struggle.

Money raised to date: €5M
People: 18
Naruto logo
April 2023
Tokyo, Japan

Power up - Major IP signed

After 15 months of intense negotiations we finally sign the rights of one of the biggest anime IP ever for mobile apps and events: the Naruto franchise!

Money raised to date: €5M
People: 18
Sekai at TV Tokyo
July 2023
Tokyo, Japan

Consecration - Investment from TV TOKYO

One of the biggest anime IP owners in Japan invests in our company.

official release

Our first project comes to life in the hand of testers!

Money raised to date: €5M
People: 18
    Sekai Naruto Banner

    One group, two entities

    Sekai Offices in Paris
    Yonko SAS
    59 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 
    Paris - FRANCE
    Sekai offices in Tokyo 1
    Level 18 Yebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu Shibuya-ku
    Tokyo - JAPAN

    Our Values

    Responsible Commitment
    • We cultivate a spirit of camaraderie by creating an environment of trust and mutual support.
    • We are committed to meeting deadlines and delivering work reliably.
    • We encourage individual responsibility, valuing both autonomy and reliability.
    Delivery & Reliability
    Continuous Improvement
    • We are consistently striving to excel individually and as a team.
    • We encourage our team to learn new skills and excel.
    • We promote direct communication and challenge each other to improve. We systematically seek direct feedback and give it whenever we feel the need.
    Valuing Challenges
    • We are passionate about what we do and find real satisfaction in our work. We invest ourselves fully in delivering exceptional results.
    • We are committed to the project because it encompasses one of our passions, whether it's for anime, technology, our craft or vision.
    • We actively share our passions with the team, creating a synergy that fuels our collective enthusiasm.
    Enjoy the ride!
    Plus Ultra
    • Everyone gives their best and goes the extra mile to meet or exceed the targets set.
    • We cultivate boundless ambition and never stop in our quest for excellence.
    • We consistently push the boundaries and are ready to undertake what has never been done before.
    Unlimited Ambition
    • We promote inclusiveness, caring and non-violent communication when solving problems.
    • We are working on features in our application to make it as accessible and safe as possible.
    • We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any kind of harassment, toxic or offensive behavior (resulting in immediate sanctions).
    Benevolance & Inclusion

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